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"As satirical as Thomas Wolfe's Bonfire of the Vanities and as inventive as Nabokov..." - New York Times Best-Selling Author Ellen Tanner Marsh

"With his third novel, Dasha, D. F. Whipple emerges as one of the most artistically ambitious and interesting young novelists in American letters. He stands nearly alone in being able to depict real people in real places and situations--the evocation of New York atmosphere is superb--while at the same time, the appearance of the woman Dasha provides a magical mystery as to the interpenetration of past and present, and a promise of possible transcendence. One is left looking forward with considerable anticipation to the next stage in the development of this remarkable maker of fictions." - Dr. Jonathan Chaves, Professor of Chinese and Translator of Pushkin, The George Washington University


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"Characters like Owens and Snooker come along very rarely and it's an absolute delight to watch their experience unfold chapter by chapter. The emotional depths the novel soars to are heartfelt, true-to-life and staggering.

Whipple has gone on record admitting that the book is inspired by Dostoevsky's work
Demons, and the parallels while veiled are certainly felt. Whether people realize it or not, Bucks County has an emerging literary hero and this novel is proof of that." - Gregory Robson, ResidentMediaPundit.com

"Snooker Glen's central characters are strong, animated and memorable." - Kirkus Indie


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